This section contains works of fiction that I have written, or still busy working on or even just ideas for future storylines. All works are Copyright © Mark Langenhoven. Read at your on risk...
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Featured work

The currently featured piece is Preordained.
This was my version of a story that ended up on the screen more or less as Minority Report.

Listed works




6 Million Meg Man goes Lunar

Our intrepid hero Brett Cobra sets off on a mission to save the space program from terrorist attacks.

In progress

6 Million Meg Man

The first book featuring Brett Cobra. He is a bumbling type hero ripoff of the 6 million dollar man.

Complete. Originally thought of in 1994.


A small rural town decides to move back to a barter system instead of using cash and eventually this filters through to the rest of the world.

In Progress

Binary Sun

We find out that our Sun was originally part of a binary system. (This could explain the death of the dinosaurs.) The debris in our solar system in the position where we would expect to find another planet is in fact the remains of a planet that early earth dwellers rammed into the second sun to prevent them from being wiped out as well. Now, however, we have just found out that it was not a binary system, but was in fact a triple system and the third star is coming back to wipe out the earth.

In Progress


A series of stories linked together by the building that they take place in. Not a very exciting idea and will probably fade away completely.


Cobra Handbook

Handbook of rules Brett Cobra lives by.

This will grow as long as new 6 Million Meg ideas continue.

DRM (Digital Rights Management / Dark Recesses of the Mind)

In the future people have computer enhancements added to their brains to help them remember things and to shift actions to the onboard computer that can be handled there more efficiently. Unfortunately some large corporations have decided that they don't like the idea of people "remembering" a movie after they have watched it. They would prefer that people pay each time they want to recall a memory.

In Progress. Originally thought of in Nov 2001.

Different Perspective

A few short stories written from a different perspective. I.e. what you think the story is about initially is not what it turns out to be in the end.


Do not cry for me Agent Tina

A short story essentially about nothing as the idea is to see how many song titles or spoofs of song titles I can work into a storyline.

In progress. Originally thought of in April 1999.


The launch of a new operation system is being sabotaged.

I have lost enthusiasm for this idea and it will probably fade away.

Nostradamus interpreted on an early Pentium PC

Just some wacky junk predictions.

Predicted to be complete.

Oracles and Dreams

Short online story about a webmaster type guy. The idea was to stick as many links in the story as possible.

Completed. Originally thought of in May 2000.

Peter's Assistant

Some guy becomes Peter's assistant manning the pearly gates and makes a mess of everything.



In the future the cops eventually get so good that they don't wait for you to commit the crime. They arrest you before you have even committed the crime. (A similar idea was made into a movie called Minority Report.)
I combined this idea with another idea called Mental prison
In this story they have discovered a method of imprisoning your mind to prevent you doing crimes. Your body then has to do some work for the government to get your mental prison lifted.

Completed. Preordained was thought of in Oct 1997 and Mental Prison was thought of in 1998.

Speed of Dark

Only have the title at this stage. It sounded cool but no story has wrapped itself around the idea yet.

Thought of in June 2000

Superhero School

Some guy loses his job and in desperation applies to a school that trains superheroes. At the school they have to undergo courses in; suit design, hero protocol, hero activation methods, hero accessories, etc. A side of heroes that we don't normally see.

Thought of in Feb 1997

The Logical Conclusion

Society has evolved to an almost Vulcan state where laws and society are all based on logical decisions. In the beginning this works well, but eventually it starts stifling society and some illogical decision making needs to be introduced into the process somehow.

Originally thought of Aug 2003.

Virtually Complete

Short story about people that build a virtual reality to simulate their world only to discover that they are also living in a virtual reality. (Almost a Matrix type idea)


Jobs to die for

This is the work that I am currently finishing. It deals with two regular guys who have lost their jobs and after a while the thin veneer of civilisation is rubbed off them and they start killing other people to create job openings for themselves.


New idea to relieve overcrowding on earth. There is a central "bounty office" . There you can register a security. If somebody wants to wack you then they have to come up with at least the same about as your security. They are then issed with a bounty gun and as long as they use that (within the alloted time) then it is legal to kill you.

Originally thought of in Aug 2002.

Unknown title

An alien arrives on earth and selects somebody to find the person that has to talk to the alien to convince him that humans are interesting enough to keep around. He does this by putting a device on the guy which spreads over his body and protects him. However, it also drags him back to the spaceship each week where he has to bring another person along. If the alien doesn't think the other person is worth talking to then he kills that person and the process is repeated.

Originally thought of in Aug 2003.

Abortion on Demand

Show what happens if we decide one day to lift the limit of 20 weeks to ever increasing ages until you are eventually allowed to "abort" 5-year old children. This could be due to a population explosion.

Not started.


A bit of a quirky owner of a spaceship. He got some of this from his mother who insisted on double-barelling her maiden name even though it was identical to the fathers name. We follow some of his exploits.

Originally thought of in May 2001. Still in progress