The Prophecies of Nostradamus Interpreted on a Prototype Pentium

Copyright © Mark Langenhoven

The world will end in 1806, 1906, 2006- Blast these stupid century digits! Anyway if the last two digits are 06 then you are in trouble.

There will be 101 safe place to be when this happens. Sorry there will be 5 safe places to be when this happens. (These darn binary to decimal conversions.)

This item has been left out intentionally.

A man with a blue bowler will rule the world. (Or is that a blue Stetson, or maybe a blue baseball cap?) Anyway the important thing is that this guy will have a blue thing on top of his head. On the other hand the important item might be the blue part and if you get a big blue picture in your head then the name IBM seems to come to mind for some reason.

This item has been left out unintentionally.

A Knight, by the name of Piesold, will defeat an African warrior called Katse. (But only after a dam lot of fighting) [In house joke regarding Knight Piesold - the company I was working for at the time]

Some stupid insurance company will use my name in an advertising campaign. (Please deposit royalties in the Royal Bank of the Great Stone, account number 29A.)

In the twentieth century the world will be threatened by a large spider, called Internet, which will weave a web over the whole world.

A very small company that manufactures soft items will dominate business markets at the same time and will be assisted by the spider.

A team known as the Truly Revenging Crowd will wreak havoc on the southern tip of the African continent. [This referred to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up in South Africa after apartheid ended. I was not convinced that they managed to get any reconcilication going and there didn't seem to be an abundance of truth either.]

Many unidentified objects will visit the planet during the twentieth century. This will, however, go largely unnoticed because the objects will be named after the first sighting thereby turning them into identified flying objects. Once an object has been identified then it will diminish severly in curiosity level.

The number 666 is found by dividing the Sacred number of Ninevah by the average number of Bushels per acre in Serbo-Croatia using classical Jurassic units. (Alternatively you could simply add 1 to 665, which we did on our Pentium to arrive at the title of these writings, but that seems too simple.)

Unluckily no prophecy could fit in at this number.

Murphy will always prevail.

You will be able to watch reruns of these prophecies being handwritten, taped live at my house, on SABC during prime time on Fridays.

These prophecies will never be completed.

The answer to life, the universe and everything is ....