Mark Langenhoven


I have over 15 years of SAP development experience. I have served in every role from junior developer to team lead. I am proficient at team management as well as direct liason with the clients. During this time I have worked on almost all modules within SAP ranging from HR and SD to FI and WM.

My primary skill is problem solving. Over the years I have helped clients who wanted to input hundreds of transactions per second into the system as well as clients who wanted to be able to copy any data table to test systems at a moment's notice. In addition I build a system which would be able to fire and rehire large groups of people with a couple of button clicks. (Used during acrimonious union negotiations.)

I cannot show all the code that I have written over the years and honestly most of it would be of no use to anybody other than the companies I wrote it for but I have some general purpose code that I have written over the years for my own use as well as the rest of my team. That can be found on my blog.

Employment history

Hitachi Consulting

Manager at HCC working in roles as senior developer and team lead since 2007. Worked on systems ranging from 4.6c to S/4 HANA.

Tripoint Consulting

Worked at Tripoint from 2001 to 2007 as developer and team lead on a number of projects ranging in size from small family owned businesses to large multinational corporations.


I helped IBM transition all their client systems into a single SAP instance. We were located in Germany where I lived for two years.

Civil Engineering

Prior to venturing out into the SAP world I used to be a civil engineer and I designed and implemented a number of large scale construction jobs. I believe that my years as an engineer have stood me in great stead as a developer due to the large overlap in problem solving techniques used.


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